Monday, September 14, 2009

baking & cooking weekend

i was in a great mood of cooking & baking this weekend.
may be its a raya mode.
nway, this cookies was my 1st time trial.
...recipe given by Shidi, my manager.
for da 1st cookies turned to be quite darker than it should be.
uhuhu..its an alarm for me to get da new oven.
n i really bought da new one coz da dough was there to be baked.
let see my baked chocolate chip cookies...

yg ni utk part be added with adunan yg dh mixed previously

& here is my yummy chocolate cake..i think i should name it.hmm..

sunday - smpt buat nasi ayam. smlm kes trtinggal ayam kt kaunter. so jz bought it this morning. blh la buat berbuka.=)

Friday, September 11, 2009

worth buying

he insisted me for a companian yesterday.
it was for raya shopping - kids section.

..for niece & nephews.
ahaha. we didnt look alike parent i guess.
nway, i would say it was a worth buying.
3 pants + 2 shirts + 1 t-shirt n 1 sweet gown too..
all for around 200.
guy stuff is pretty good too..latest collection plus da value buy.
well, im going to Parkson @ alamanda again. ;)

boy stuffs..i love this!

this is a sweet pink gown by 'anakku' made by corduroy material. sorry dat da pic doesnt show it nicely.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"i'm leaving"

no wonder i was sluggish to out earlier yesterday afternoon.
my boss called all dept. members which astounded us with "i'm leaving".
well, its a norm for resignation but...
this news was really unexpected to be spelled out from her.
...better offer n being here for 9 yrs..
apparent enough for da decision.
nway, we r going to feel such a great loss.
certainly we'll flooded with tears then.
huk3. one of a kind.
i adore Pn Farah very much.
superwoman i would say.
time ticking for her to go & so for us to welcome new S.M.

a snap of Pn. Farah. this pic was taken during farewell K Shida, our clerk.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


last sat i went to Shah Alam with Cah, my sister.
actually, i was confuse to go since its weekend plus da public holiday,
worrying of heavy jam.
well, its a last minute decision..
n Cah got to cancel her plan to Jln TAR.
i've picked Cah & 3 frens of hers @ LRT Sg. Besi around 11.30
then drove to S.A via elite.
guess what! da traffic was so clear.
like i can count how many cars on da road.
n i would say..its a loss for not going out this time since most people were out of town.
crowded still but its better than usual.
after struggling thru Plaza Alam Sentral, PKNS & SACC..
i got my red kebaya.
hmm..better to pick rather than regret of not finding other.
simple one..with minimal goldish flower - enough.
at least to suit my family theme. ahaha.
however, i was quite dissapointed as Cah didn't find any dat suits her.
may be not here. its ok.
4.50 p.m we're out of there n i saw Putrajaya 20 mins later.
damn tired plus da headache, i was in dream really early dat nite.