Thursday, November 12, 2009

goodbye P

my license probation period will be ended today.
so im going to say gudbye to P.
thanx to Alice for a companian to JPJ.
if dat was for a normal renewal then i'll just ahead to post office.
thinking of da simplest way..
i was at first heading to my driving school.
asking them for da renewal but i was told to wait until tuesday.
i guess dat wasnt simple anymore..
fortunately dat counter person suggested the new JPJ @ Bangi.
eventhough me & alice never been there...
we did our try n error search.
da new branch was found to be convenient.
less people, many counters & spacious waiting area too.
my turn was 1184 & it was 1173 on dat time.
i was actually in doubt.
unsure whether i can proceed with da renewal or not.
coz i got 1 traffic offence..ahaha.
caught by a speed trap more than 1 yr ago.
what is worse, i cant even imagine if i was to get thru all da processes again for a license. uhuhu..
nway, i finally get my new one.
but forgot to change da address which belong to someone else...
n my name was actually typed improperly.
da indian lady at da counter had printed it anyway.
n i jz let it be..
may be nxt time i'll go again for da change.
then we had our lunch for only 9.20 for two.
surprise but its true dat we pay dat much.
cheap isnt it?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy birthday my dear

i've planned for many things but time didnt fit da purpose. da cake surprise..da vacation..da special gift..those things remained unknot. upset.
nway, i've made a little rush after working. can't miss something for his day. it was yesterday actually.
but something had change my mind.
sooooooo dishearten..
knw dat i cant turn back to yesterday.
hope to see u later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

majlis aidilfitri procurement division

few wks ago we'd our aidilfitri gathering (initiated by en.Borhan 2 yrs ago) which scheduled quite early this year. it was actually we've counted Pn.Farah into consideration. at least it was da last raya memory for her in here..

nway, this year we've changed the plan a little bit...not to tire us too much.
da invitation was not for everybody. juz for da top mgmnt & sure enough for our own commemoration. ahaha. well, it works. we had a really great day. captured by more than 5 lenses..architects, lawyers, QSs, engineers..all turned to be da full time model. i've put several shots here for sharing.

we did da decorations in the morning by pasting raya cards..lights..handmade 'ketupat' & other things dat cheer up our level 7.

favorite time for everybody...

procurement ladies.;)

(cmd) residential team
this would be my favorite shot. cik lin my neighbour..

Monday, October 19, 2009


after 1 wk of being hectic..
im coming back here!
really miss all writings..
many have been drafted actually but still not ready to be published.
excited to share all moments esp. during raya.
n my adorable boss has left too..sob.sob.
for now i got several agendas but still remain unpicked.
uncertain of what to happen nway.
n i've decided to free my mind from worries.
dats da best medicine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


time ticking quite fast. yesterday was da last day for Pn Farah in PjH. n we're out to Kenny Rogers for farewell lunch jz now. da arrangement was for Monday actually but she was on emrgncy leave. maid ran away. da same reason why we've been here...she got to postpone her new duty nxt wk. well, everything happens for reason(s). fortunately we still got chance for this. our last moments to keep in hearts.

one of da meal ordered- quarter meal + (fresh fruit salad + wedges + macaroni)her last laugh..
smpt snap kt dlm kenny rogers after hbs mkn. gelas pn dh kosong.
then we enjoyed several shots out of da mall. tmpt yg x disedari pn kecantikannya sblm ni. ahaha. here is our 1st & last shot in pair...
our 2 managers - to take care of us while we got a new S.M.
smpt snap pic utk 1 dept. but 1 colleague was not here..K yati mc.

da day before..we got a piece of collection from Binwanis for Pn. Farah. but K Shida forgot to get a card. late evening. we can't cope for doing it together. i've decided to get it from memory lane then customizing with our pics. n so dat nite..i've dug up my creativity after being burried for so long. last time buat kad 5 yrs ago i story time. ahaks.
internal look of da card before i decorate it. jz a white sheet of paper with some words. i've decided to blank this part for our signature & last notes..
both sides of da card have been pasted with everybody's pics. latest look during raya.

Monday, September 14, 2009

baking & cooking weekend

i was in a great mood of cooking & baking this weekend.
may be its a raya mode.
nway, this cookies was my 1st time trial.
...recipe given by Shidi, my manager.
for da 1st cookies turned to be quite darker than it should be.
uhuhu..its an alarm for me to get da new oven.
n i really bought da new one coz da dough was there to be baked.
let see my baked chocolate chip cookies...

yg ni utk part be added with adunan yg dh mixed previously

& here is my yummy chocolate cake..i think i should name it.hmm..

sunday - smpt buat nasi ayam. smlm kes trtinggal ayam kt kaunter. so jz bought it this morning. blh la buat berbuka.=)

Friday, September 11, 2009

worth buying

he insisted me for a companian yesterday.
it was for raya shopping - kids section.

..for niece & nephews.
ahaha. we didnt look alike parent i guess.
nway, i would say it was a worth buying.
3 pants + 2 shirts + 1 t-shirt n 1 sweet gown too..
all for around 200.
guy stuff is pretty good too..latest collection plus da value buy.
well, im going to Parkson @ alamanda again. ;)

boy stuffs..i love this!

this is a sweet pink gown by 'anakku' made by corduroy material. sorry dat da pic doesnt show it nicely.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"i'm leaving"

no wonder i was sluggish to out earlier yesterday afternoon.
my boss called all dept. members which astounded us with "i'm leaving".
well, its a norm for resignation but...
this news was really unexpected to be spelled out from her.
...better offer n being here for 9 yrs..
apparent enough for da decision.
nway, we r going to feel such a great loss.
certainly we'll flooded with tears then.
huk3. one of a kind.
i adore Pn Farah very much.
superwoman i would say.
time ticking for her to go & so for us to welcome new S.M.

a snap of Pn. Farah. this pic was taken during farewell K Shida, our clerk.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


last sat i went to Shah Alam with Cah, my sister.
actually, i was confuse to go since its weekend plus da public holiday,
worrying of heavy jam.
well, its a last minute decision..
n Cah got to cancel her plan to Jln TAR.
i've picked Cah & 3 frens of hers @ LRT Sg. Besi around 11.30
then drove to S.A via elite.
guess what! da traffic was so clear.
like i can count how many cars on da road.
n i would say..its a loss for not going out this time since most people were out of town.
crowded still but its better than usual.
after struggling thru Plaza Alam Sentral, PKNS & SACC..
i got my red kebaya.
hmm..better to pick rather than regret of not finding other.
simple one..with minimal goldish flower - enough.
at least to suit my family theme. ahaha.
however, i was quite dissapointed as Cah didn't find any dat suits her.
may be not here. its ok.
4.50 p.m we're out of there n i saw Putrajaya 20 mins later.
damn tired plus da headache, i was in dream really early dat nite.

Friday, August 28, 2009


jz red something from one blog.
new thing which caught my attention.
its bout engagement. do we agree? is dat true? im afraid to say anything.

1/ bertunang adat

pihak lelaki datang ke rumah pihak perempuan membawa hajat besar mewakili lelaki tersebut untuk melamar memperisterikan anak perempuan mereka. setelah persetujuan dicapai, maka ibu kepada lelaki akan menyarungkan cincin ke jari manis. kedua pihak saling berkias2, kdg2 guna sepatah dua rangkap pantun sbg penyeri majlis....masa ni sang teruna x naik ke rumah perempuan pun, just wait in the car (normally),.. bring together da dulang hantaran.... n the girl's parents will decide how much the hantaran gonna be.... but the girl's parents can never asked for certain amount... accept whatever amount da guy want to.

2/ bertunang syar'i.....

maksudnya bilamana saja ade lelaki yg melahirkan hasratnya untuk menikahi kita dan kita dengan rela hati bersetuju, walaupun masih belum mendapat persetujuan dari ibu bapa, maka ini sudah dikira bertunang syar'i even there is no ring or anything, but mmg kedua pihak dah psg niat untuk menikah kemudian hari serta telah berbincang ttg masa depan mereka, maka ini juga dinamakn mereka telah bertunang syar'i....

Monday, August 24, 2009

nasi minyak

sat - 1st day of fasting.
i didn’t cook for ‘berbuka’ eventhough it was weekend.
decide to rest plus I got m.c due to food poisoning last fri.
really hurt ma…
scare still but my tummy need something.
a light one already enough.
my mood to cook came in great yesterday.
‘nasi minyak’ - actually dat was my postponed agenda.
n bcoz of ur request too my dear. =)
certain stuffs were still outstanding so dat I made a move to Giant Seri Kembangan.
all trolleys were out; juz baskets.
not to wait any longer, ive picked a basket.
after realizing it was quite heavy already, my decision was to shop twice.
means…shop, pay, n keep things in car. 2 times!
uhuhu…what a real tiresome.
no time to waste - my whole evening spent in da kitchen.
‘nasi minyak’ prepared after ‘ayam masak merah' was done.
i did my ‘acar’ later on.
sigh..i felt like to faint then.
..but ur compliment enough to heal me my dear. =)

(forgot to snap pic of my dishes coz of da crucial time for berbuka)

Thursday, August 20, 2009 car...

black? why did my cute little white was spotted with black?
uhuhu..i was wondering while walking towards my car this morning.
oh no. somebody or whatever.. carelessly scraped my car.
enough to bomb out my anger or at least no smile for today.
poor u my little..i’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault in total.
plus, i believe da space was ample enough for any vehicle to go thru.
disheartening. da culprit wasn’t feel guilty? did n away.
nway, i must be lucky enough to find da culprit….
…..with too many vehicles here..emm..i don’t think so.
it’s ok. being fated to lose some money.
most importantly, do have a moral value. plzzz….admit mistake.

not so bad but still da black scrapped my white =(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

one question

1 question came to me ystrday.
i believe it will come to or going out from everybody.
im sure this would bring at least a smile to anybody...
but at last i understand da actual feeling of being asked bout this.
unlike da flight of an imagination.
happy doesnt stand alone.
everything is to be bound in life.
i was buffling...
enough to confiscate my moment.

Monday, August 17, 2009

resume working

i’m finally resume to work!
....after being on medical leave for 3 days last wk. - URTI.
fever…running nose... cough..
owh..cough is really killing me.
i cant rmmbr how many time i was awake from my nite sleeping lately.
well, im still not feeling well but i hate to stay too long at home.
esp under sickness.
uhh.. up from bed, had my meal, took prescription, fell on bed again..
dat was my routine from Wed till Fri. da wknd.
HBO movies no longer interesting ..n so da star movies..
fortunately, ESPN had cheer me up on Sat nite.
Chelsea vs Hull City. ..he2. my Chelsea did a nice play. mmuahh!!
last nite too got matches - MU vs Birmingham. Tottenham vs Liverpool.
but these 2 matches were not so catchy to me.
enough to just watch. may be coz dats not Chelsea. he2.
huk3. all these annoying things are hanging out at my throat rite now…
….very uncomfortable!
still having sorethroat...but a mild one...
dont feel like working coz my body is very tired...
dont feel like talking to others due to my running nose and cough..
hence - i just sit down and keep quite...
please God... take this infection away from me...
n im afraid of da killing virus. indeed.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


juz coming back from special exam for PTD.
my mind is tired. sigh...
i need my bed very badly - eversince tgh jwb essei td.
...nk tido dh late evening.
i decide to write this..
yesterday, i was actually go or not to.
but still, put an effort to survey da school after work.
& this morning i've made a move to SMK Putrajaya Precint 16(1).
quite easy to find.
20 mins b4 da 1st paper...
i saw quite everybody was holding a book..or a note at least.
well prepared, i guess.
me? ahaha. not even a paper.
i hate to read this kind of facts of course.
'kenegaraan'..'malaysia kita'..uhuhu..puhleezzz.
gosh! where's my pencil?
not in my bag. certainly. i left da most important one.
but fortunately there was a sweet lady got extra for me.
well, section A was a real nitemare.
question no.1 pn i dh x tau nk jwb.
but now..i knw i've picked a rite answer.
my instinct is alwiz doing great.ahaks.
plus da lessons during schooldays..
i would say it was not so good but pretty ok.
section B..hehe..
math. i love this very much.
da questions were not really tough.
but its kind of mind challenging..
u need to be everything fast -read,understand & count.
(no calculator of course..only mind was allowed)
surrender. i lose..against time.
40 mins for 45 Qs. i cant..& so everyone else.
really depressed with dat but i enjoy this section.
section C...really easy i guess.
2 malay + 2 english passages.
read, understand & pick da answer.
35 mins for this 20 Qs. lovely. i've completed early.
12 noon. i drove home.
da other 2 papers (section D&E) scheduled after lunch. began @ 2 p.m
uhh..dh lame x write essay..esp..malay one.
english - at least i did spent few time to write my blog. =)
3 Qs, answer 1.
i've picked H1N1 issue for malay essay & recycling topic for english one.
well, my brain was working great this evening.
many ideas were thrown away..voila!
i thought this sleepy mind wouldnt do this.
i was sooooo....happy.
16:30. "please stop writing".
time to go home. hooray!
i was really tired. my mind at most.
this is what i feel now.
nway, i've completed my 1st PTD exam at last.
certainly, this would impress my family..after 3 skipped exams..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


my sister mms me with subject, suspect H1N1.
she was covered with mask.
it was a joke i thought.
then i was astounded to know dat she didnt pass for 2 screenings.
asking more on dat, da test shown 39!
considerate level is 38.
she is currently under quarantine.
which really put me in a great worry.
hopefully da result will find to be untrue.
nway, this case is crucially issue!
anything can jz happen
plus she is under international college.
im praying for her safety & health.. :(

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

thought for da day

i got this last nite. jz red this morning.
what a nice piece of writing to share.
how fortunate & blessed those who being a wife.
hope my turn to be soon...;)

Mulianya seorang isteri disisi Allah...
Dan betapa berharganya wanita yang bergelar isteri ini pada keluarga, suami dan anak-anak.
Rugi dan binasalah suami-suami yang tidak menghargai isteri mereka kerana isteri inilah yang akan membantu mereka di akhirat kelak.
Biarlah buruk mana isteri anda, sayangilah mereka.....
Beruntungnya seorang wanita yg ada rahim ini ialah dia bekerja denganTuhan... jadi 'kilang ' manusia.
Tiap-tiap bulan dia diberi cuti bergaji penuh...
7 sehingga 15 hari sebulan dia tak wajib sembahyang
tetapi Allah anggap diwaktu itu sembahyang terbaik darinya.
Cuti bersalin juga sehingga 60 hari.
Cuti ini bukan cuti suka hati tapi cuti yang Allah beri sebab dia bekerja dengan Allah.
Orang lelaki tak ada cuti dari sembahyang.. .
sembahyang wajib baginya dari baligh sehingga habis nyawanya.
Satu lagi berita gembira untuk wanita,
sepanjang dia mengandung Allah sentiasa mengampunkan dosanya,
Lahir saja bayi seluruh dosanya habis.
Inilah nikmat Tuhan beri kepada wanita,
jadi kenapa perlu takut nak beranak?
Marilah kita pegang kepada tali Allah.
Seandainya wanita itu mati sewaktu bersalin,
itu dianggap mati syahid, Allah izinkan terus masuk Syurga.
Untuk orang kafir dia tak dapat masuk Syurga tapi Allah beri kelonggaran siksa kubur.
Untuk peringatan semua wanita yang kebaikan suaminya,
semuanya isteri dapat pahala tetapi dosa-dosa suami dia tak tanggung.
Di akhirat nanti seorang wanita solehah akan terperanjat dengan pahala extra.. yang banyak dia terima diatas segala kebaikan suaminya yang tak disedari. Contohnya bila dia redha suaminya pergi berjemaah di masjid atau ke majlis ilmu, bersedekah.. ganjaran Alah ke atasnya jua..
Bila dia lihat suaminya tengah terhegeh-hegeh di titian Sirat dia tak nak masuk syuga tanpa suaminya,
jadi dia pun memberi pahalanya kepada suami untuk lepas masuk syurga.
Di dunia lagi, kalau suami dalam kesusahan isteri boleh bantu tambah lagi di akhirat.
Kalau seorang isteri asyik merungut,
mulut selalu muncung terhadap suami dia tak akan dapat pahala extra ini..
Manakala suami pula mempunyai tugas-tugas berat di dalam dan di luar rumah, segala dosa-dosa anak isteri yang tak dididik dia akan tanggung ditambah lagi dengan dosa-dosa yang lain..
Dinasihatkan kepada semua wanita supaya faham akan syariat Allah agar tidak derhaka denganNya.
Sesungguhnya wanita dijadikan daripada rusuk kiri lelaki.
Dia bukan dicipta dari kepala ke kaki, juga bukan dari tapak kaki.
Dia dicipta dari sebelah rusuk kiri lelaki supaya dia hampir kepada kamu(lelaki), lengan lelaki dicipta untuk mempertahankan wanita,
dengan hati lelaki untuk disayangi.

Woman was made from the rib of man,
She was not created from his head to top him,
Nor form his feet to be stepped upon,
She was made from his side to be close to him,
From beneath his arm to be protected by him,
Near his heart to be loved by him.

Monday, August 3, 2009

contract renewed

i come to da office as' staf br' today. ehehe.
actually, my 2 yrs contract was expired on 31st.
i was to report myself in by 2nd for da new term but..
2nd fell on sun; so 3rd is my '1st day' of working.
it was no funny for us..but quite weird for others..
1st day after 2 yrs of working? ahaks.
nway, i'm thankful for this..
thanx 2 my superior for his supportive appraisal...
n da other top mgmt certainly, for da approval.
n...for a great increment too.he3..
im still serving PjH. ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

out of town..=)

out of town for celebration? ahaks. i would say it was a last minute decision. he insisted to go. indeed, it was for my 25th. hmm...many sweet moments but jz personally kept.

nway, enjoy these shots.=)

jln2 after breakfast...

i love this shot very much!

after climbing uphill...

missing da beautiful colors...

these live pink!
u like it my dear?
enjoying nature before going home..

...time to go. huk3...routine life is waiting. time to tense again. it was really wonderful being there. thank u so much my dear. u rock my special day!

Friday, July 31, 2009

my 25th

29th July 09 came to me with different color.
..a different chapter to my life.
but da happiness is alwiz there..indeed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

rest day

Sunday. anything for weekend.
i chose to rest.
enough for being hectic yesterday.

as early as 6.45 a.m, we gathered in front of MOF.
more than hundred of cars were there.
mr president brief us on convoy & we’re then began to move to bkt jalil.
it was for largest car gathering actually.

another briefing then everybody had breakfast after arriving.
da food was not so delicious but enough to fit my stomach.

our club won 2nd prize..means...2nd highest no of cars

datuk shabery visited all gathered cars.
myvX queued for counting...
some shots for 1 family

drift show??

a friendly talk..=)

.......... a club banner

so many cars huh
my last shot for da day. it was 5 p.m already. really tiresome plus da sweats..uhh..shower..n my bed is calling...