Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy birthday my dear

i've planned for many things but time didnt fit da purpose. da cake surprise..da vacation..da special gift..those things remained unknot. upset.
nway, i've made a little rush after working. can't miss something for his day. it was yesterday actually.
but something had change my mind.
sooooooo dishearten..
knw dat i cant turn back to yesterday.
hope to see u later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

majlis aidilfitri procurement division

few wks ago we'd our aidilfitri gathering (initiated by en.Borhan 2 yrs ago) which scheduled quite early this year. it was actually we've counted Pn.Farah into consideration. at least it was da last raya memory for her in here..

nway, this year we've changed the plan a little bit...not to tire us too much.
da invitation was not for everybody. juz for da top mgmnt & sure enough for our own commemoration. ahaha. well, it works. we had a really great day. captured by more than 5 lenses..architects, lawyers, QSs, engineers..all turned to be da full time model. i've put several shots here for sharing.

we did da decorations in the morning by pasting raya cards..lights..handmade 'ketupat' & other things dat cheer up our level 7.

favorite time for everybody...

procurement ladies.;)

(cmd) residential team
this would be my favorite shot. cik lin my neighbour..

Monday, October 19, 2009


after 1 wk of being hectic..
im coming back here!
really miss all writings..
many have been drafted actually but still not ready to be published.
excited to share all moments esp. during raya.
n my adorable boss has left too..sob.sob.
for now i got several agendas but still remain unpicked.
uncertain of what to happen nway.
n i've decided to free my mind from worries.
dats da best medicine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


time ticking quite fast. yesterday was da last day for Pn Farah in PjH. n we're out to Kenny Rogers for farewell lunch jz now. da arrangement was for Monday actually but she was on emrgncy leave. maid ran away. da same reason why we've been here...she got to postpone her new duty nxt wk. well, everything happens for reason(s). fortunately we still got chance for this. our last moments to keep in hearts.

one of da meal ordered- quarter meal + (fresh fruit salad + wedges + macaroni)her last laugh..
smpt snap kt dlm kenny rogers after hbs mkn. gelas pn dh kosong.
then we enjoyed several shots out of da mall. tmpt yg x disedari pn kecantikannya sblm ni. ahaha. here is our 1st & last shot in pair...
our 2 managers - to take care of us while we got a new S.M.
smpt snap pic utk 1 dept. but 1 colleague was not here..K yati mc.

da day before..we got a piece of collection from Binwanis for Pn. Farah. but K Shida forgot to get a card. late evening. we can't cope for doing it together. i've decided to get it from memory lane then customizing with our pics. n so dat nite..i've dug up my creativity after being burried for so long. last time buat kad 5 yrs ago i story time. ahaks.
internal look of da card before i decorate it. jz a white sheet of paper with some words. i've decided to blank this part for our signature & last notes..
both sides of da card have been pasted with everybody's pics. latest look during raya.