Friday, July 31, 2009

my 25th

29th July 09 came to me with different color.
..a different chapter to my life.
but da happiness is alwiz there..indeed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

rest day

Sunday. anything for weekend.
i chose to rest.
enough for being hectic yesterday.

as early as 6.45 a.m, we gathered in front of MOF.
more than hundred of cars were there.
mr president brief us on convoy & we’re then began to move to bkt jalil.
it was for largest car gathering actually.

another briefing then everybody had breakfast after arriving.
da food was not so delicious but enough to fit my stomach.

our club won 2nd prize..means...2nd highest no of cars

datuk shabery visited all gathered cars.
myvX queued for counting...
some shots for 1 family

drift show??

a friendly talk..=)

.......... a club banner

so many cars huh
my last shot for da day. it was 5 p.m already. really tiresome plus da sweats..uhh..shower..n my bed is calling...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

past activities with myvi Xtreme

dh lame x join activity. suddenly tringat activity lps.
got some shots to share...

.....1st getto

..... wedding hunny & caun

..... getto @ cyberjaya + futsal

..... wedding gorgon + sarah

Thursday, July 16, 2009

handing over

ceremony began @ 9 a.m but we've decided to go later.
planning for 'makan2' only? ahaha.
k maz being very kind to drive me & da other 4 in her 'estima'...
we arrived there @ 10.
quite hesitate with da existing guests; fortunately hafizal seated us in 1 vacant table. u r our hero..;)
nway, he's da project manager..friendly enough & alwiz smiling..
not even a minute being seated, everybody was invited for 'makan2'.
we decided to attack for 'rambutan & manggis'..
plus a long queue for heavy meal...good choice, certainly.

k salina concentrated eating rambutan..he3..

well, all da foods jz nice. me jz had a plate of briyani.
not so much this time.
something was disturbing my mind. huh..
nway, this handing over released me another 1 package.
happy? i prefer tight working schedule.
so i would say..its not happy..glad is da accurate word.
i remember of taking over this project with many pending VOs..
disputes on meeting...
dats y i was glad.
Syu was also keen enough to work thru all those matters.
& so my devoted ex-manager who ever well-versed on costing.
she returned to klcc already..huk3..miss u..
hopefully nothing harm would cause da residents in future.
=) 17RK1 closed.

Monday, July 13, 2009


received a call from my doctor's P.A this morning.
a reminder for appointment.
i remember of having appointment on 14th. why 13th?
my orthopaedist would be on leave. dats y.
after noticing my colleagues, i drove there around 2 p.m.
to a surprise, i saw my ex-physiotherapist in sudden.
did he saw me? fortunately he was not in da same elevator.
really. he was da one i wish not to see anymore.
well, i got my own reason for dat.
huh. quite a long da pregnant ladies.
i knew they r waiting for their gynecologist.
nearly 4 p.m, only i've been called to see my nice dr.
what a long wait. may be coz i was alone. =(
a normal consultation..a little bit check up...
then i was gifted da prescriptions.
neurobion, myonal, arcoxia, feldene...i can remember already.
well, thank you ING & my company too; for unlimited medical exp. he3.
most importantly, i hope to enjoy my normal praying..really.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mindset Breakthrough Workshop

i've attended a Mindset Breakthrough Workshop @ Petronas Management Training Centre for da past 2 days. it was a real fun besides being meaningful for my career advancement.

day 1

a norm for any course - ice breaking. sounds unnecessary for colleagues? well, we don't really know each other or even not at all. ahaha.can't label myself as 'nurul' as i alwiz did coz there's 1 more 'nurul'. jz in front of me.

...........our 1st activity was a video show.

Tan Sri Hassan got his own reason for this 'mindset change'.
" if we keep on going complacent, one day we might disappear". i
became conscious for a while.

..........brain pattern was our 2nd play. we're asked to pick 7 cards.

how? those cards represent 1 word & jz pick ur personality matches. intuitive, strategic, sensitive, organised, curious, theorizes & quantifies were my choices. da instruction was then to count up what color we had most.
well, those actually were in colours which i didnt realize while picking up.
we were then grouped according to color - blue, green, yellow & red.
found myself as yellow which represented by intuitive, strategic & curious.
we are all 6 in group.
i managed to jot down these meanings.
hmm..let's c whether they suit me. ;p

1. Intuitive - sensing/understanding things without consious thought/rational analysis

2. Strategic - likes to draw up plan & policies for future resource utilization

3. Sensitive - receptive to feelings, needs/concerns of others coherent relationship

4. Organized - Likes to arrange people, concepts/elements into

5. Curious - Likes to know how to things work, experiments & play with ideas

6. Theorizes - Likes to hypothesize & seek cause-effect relationship

7. Quantifies - Likes to use numbers/statistics when analysing things

& below are their terms & characteristics:

1. blue (investigators) - investigate, mathematical, technical, analytical, logical

2. yellow (creators) - creative, conceptual, synthesizer, holistic, artistic

3. green (evaluators) - evaluative, planner, organised, controlled, detailed-oriented

4. red (activators) - action oriented, talkative, musical, emotional, interpersonal

actually this is called brain pattern which everybody own da all four.
just da dominance is differ.
after going thru this activity, we saw people by colours. ahaha.

.............."Theme of Value" - our 3rd lesson.

divided into 3 groups, we were assigned with an office project comprise of retail & residential. this task supposed to be done by this day but it's behind schedule already. by hook/by crook, da presentation must begin @ 8.30 a.m on da following day. so then we got 2 options; to come early or stay back. option no.2 became majority. nway, both were jz ok for me. 2 hrs spent for designing, costing, selecting materials & da meticuluos 1 - model making! our group was da most diligent to make up until 7 p.m. gosh! costing! no one else - i was da only to play with figures. tonite! huk3..

day 2


as early as 8, i reached da centre with an amuse-feeling for da presentation. it turned to be a shocking alarm dat i realize my module...& costing..vitally, were left @ home. 1st thing came to my mind was to return for dat. but rationally thinking, in a very calm mode, i sat & work out all da figures again. my sacrifice for breakfast time.

b4 presentation, a recap for yesterday lesson was done thru a game called '007'. we've been given some instruction & those who failed was da 1 to speak up. & da last 3 person remained in da game would be rewarded. one after one was out. guess what, da remaining participant were me & da other 2 guys. one chocolate for me. =)

nway, presentation time was smoothly running for everybody. & it's not bout winning, it's teamwork. yeah! da fun was the teases from other groups...our design was alike a birthday cake. ahaks.

............da 4th activity was really fun too.

how may unit can be selled then u're da winner. no matter what to do. - dats da mission. i can't imagine how but we came 1st to promote. i remember of singing along our own-composed song. ahaha. da rooms was entirely noisy & boisterous with laughs. cool.

........... we became a factory for the 5th activity.

da instruction was to form sev. depts; namely production, transporter, process, QA/QC & sales & marketing. da play began with an instruction from client then every dept. were to work on producing his needs. kind of unique game with 'ping pong' play & most importantly - we did our great job by identifying da weaknesses, followed by effective solutions. voila!

...........wrap out - this was da last.

we formed a circle & everybody were to say something esp. on what has been gained thru this workshop. sure enough it was full with opinions & sentiments too..grounded by sweet songs..huk3..i concluded dat 'mindset change' is depends on our ownself. with global development & mind, we'll be left behind to stay put. hmm...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

prediction vs reality

once, i realize i only got pieces from da whole

something to share

by: Azim Premji, CEO- Wipro

Every company faces the problem of people leaving the company for better pay or profile.
Early this year, Mark, a senior software designer, got an offer from a prestigious international firm to work in its India operations developing specialized software. He was thrilled by the offer.

He had heard a lot about the CEO. The salary was great. The company had all the right systems
in place employee-friendly human resources (HR) policies, a spanking new office,and the very best technology,even a canteen that served superb food.

Twice Mark was sent abroad for training. "My learning curve is the sharpest it's ever been,"
he said soon after he joined. Last week, less than eight months after he joined, Mark walked out of the job. Why did this talented employee leave ?

Arun quit for the same reason that drives many good people away.
The answer lies in one of the largest studies undertaken by the Gallup Organization.
The study surveyed over a million employees and 80,000 managers and was published in a book called "First Break All The Rules". It came up with this surprising finding:

If you're losing good people, look to their immediate boss ..
Immediate boss is the reason people stay and thrive in an organization.
And he 's the reason why people leave...
When people leave they take knowledge,experience and contacts with them,
straight to the competition.

"People leave managers not companies," write the authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. Mostly manager drives people away?

HR experts say that of all the abuses, employees find humiliation the most intolerable.
The first time, an employee may not leave,but a thought has been planted.
The second time, that thought gets strengthened. The third time, he looks for another job.

When people cannot retort openly in anger, they do so by passive aggression.
By digging their heels in and slowing down.

By doing only what they are told to do and no more.
By omitting to give the boss crucial information.

Dev says: "If you work for a jerk, you basically want to get him into trouble.
You don 't have your heart and soul in the job."

Different managers can stress out employees in different ways - by being too controlling,
too suspicious,too pushy, too critical, but they forget that workers are not fixed assets, they are free agents. When this goes on too long, an employee will quit - often over a trivial issue.

Talented men live... Dead wood doesn't...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies within us while we live...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


i'm starving!
waiting for 5 p.m. can i?
..feasibility is killing me! hu2.
got new email for revised no. of units.
means..everything done are to be ammended.
actually, me & k yati were assigned to work out on budget.
this task meant for Putrajaya Development from 2009-2029.
construction cost is ready.
development cost still pending for selling price from marketing dept.
ok.feasi is waiting...