Thursday, November 12, 2009

goodbye P

my license probation period will be ended today.
so im going to say gudbye to P.
thanx to Alice for a companian to JPJ.
if dat was for a normal renewal then i'll just ahead to post office.
thinking of da simplest way..
i was at first heading to my driving school.
asking them for da renewal but i was told to wait until tuesday.
i guess dat wasnt simple anymore..
fortunately dat counter person suggested the new JPJ @ Bangi.
eventhough me & alice never been there...
we did our try n error search.
da new branch was found to be convenient.
less people, many counters & spacious waiting area too.
my turn was 1184 & it was 1173 on dat time.
i was actually in doubt.
unsure whether i can proceed with da renewal or not.
coz i got 1 traffic offence..ahaha.
caught by a speed trap more than 1 yr ago.
what is worse, i cant even imagine if i was to get thru all da processes again for a license. uhuhu..
nway, i finally get my new one.
but forgot to change da address which belong to someone else...
n my name was actually typed improperly.
da indian lady at da counter had printed it anyway.
n i jz let it be..
may be nxt time i'll go again for da change.
then we had our lunch for only 9.20 for two.
surprise but its true dat we pay dat much.
cheap isnt it?

1 comment:

  1. hmm,yue..
    jpj bangi tu dkt ngn umh sy jer..kt seksyen 7 right?i'm currently stay @ seksyen 8,bangi.smula klu g area tuh sggah laa kt umh deh...